Market 707's New Public Patio

  • Market 707's New Public Patio
  • Market 707's New Public Patio
  • Market 707's New Public Patio
  • Market 707's New Public Patio

What's the goal of the project?

Help us transform Market 707 – Toronto's only shipping container market - into an even more unique urban space. Market 707 may have the tasty food, the really cool cooking vessels and the international culinary map covered, but what we don't have is an outdoor patio space for people to sit comfortably, engage in conversation, watch the streetcars go by and, oh yeah, enjoy their amazing food from the market. We could also really use a portable stage for outdoor community events. Please help us reach our goal and donate today!

Top 3 reasons to support it

This is the hub of the community, but there's no outdoor public gathering space. Thankfully, there's enough empty sidewalk to build one.

The new public patio + stage will give people a reason to spend an entire afternoon at the market, driving a local economy by supporting local businesses.

Local designers will get the chance to leave their innovative mark on the city by submitting design proposals for this project.


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Sponsorship Info

How could we reach our goal?
1,450 sponsors giving $10
145 sponsors giving $100
73 sponsors giving $200
29 sponsors giving $500

About Scadding Court Community Centre

Scadding Court Community Centre

Scadding Court is a multiservice agency with a long history of innovative programming that simultaneously benefits individuals, the community and pushes for broader social change. The Centre's mandate is to support and foster the wellbeing of individuals, families, and community groups by providing and encouraging both local and international opportunities for recreation, education, athletics, community participation and inclusive social interaction. As such, target populations and issues adjust to the particular need and program including food access, recreation access, local youth employment and skills development and much more.

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